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TU9 Electromobility


The TU9 Electromobility project is a collaboration between German and Chinese universities. Both countries share the goal of making electromobility a key component of future mobility concepts. Decreasing resources and the impending climate change demand an urgent transition to renewable energy sources. For transportation, this implies a rapid introduction of electromobility. This change does not only require progress in battery technology, but an adjustment of vehicle design on all levels.


Germany is a frontrunner in car manufacturing, and China is leading in the production of batteries. Chinese universities and institutes have also developed a huge research activity in batteries. Since the expertise is complementary, both nations would mutually benefit from the advances in research in electromobility. By close, interdisciplinary collaboration, the TU9 project aims at evolving electromobility.



In November 2014 a cross-national validation setup was implemented.

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